smitten kitchen tomato soup

I cannot get over how good this looks. Im going to head to the grocery store pronto to grab tomatoes while theyre still sinfully juicy. Used a generous 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper, and it was SPICY! I donR… I will have to make this, jar it and stash it away. It helps cut the acidity from the tomatoes. Cheese! you just made my “wanting” to invest in a good food processor to “I will” be getting a processor…Thank you! In a large stockpot over medium heat, melt the butter. I have ramekins that I could put to good use with this. Would def do again, no changes, just like it is. They are difficult to chew and I don’t see any of them in your pictures. gosh. Otherwise all is kept the same. 2 tablespoons olive oil. I was disappointed with this one. Feb 16, 2012 - Find Cash Advance, Debt Consolidation and more at Thanks Deb! This was wonderfully simple but still rich in flavor. I served it for dinner with a tossed salad and my three kids scarfed down every single bite! Transfer cloves, tomatoes and any accumulated juices to a blender or food processor and pulse machine on and off until tomatoes are a chunky puree. Deb, I’ve looked up this recipe so many times that as soon as I type “ro…” into google, it knows what I’m headed towards. This sounds amazing, I just found your site today and am looking forward to making this soon. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Recipes. However I don’t know when the good tomato season is here in England- I’m very new to cooking, especially seasonally. What a beautiful recipe and set of pics. I followed your recipe almost exactly but decided to add 4 jalapeños because we have 5 plants growing and peppers are coming out our ears! There is nothing I could add that has not been said – this looks amazing. A light homemade veg broth would be perfect here. :) definitely on my to make again list! We are chowing down and could not be happier with the way it turned out. I read about your blog recently, everyday food perhaps? May 28, 2012 - LOOKS EASY AND TASTY- ROASTED TOMATO SOUP WITH BROILED CHEDDAR RECIPE FROM SMITTEN KITCHEN . Do you think the frozen ones will make a good soup, or make it too….goopy? I only have 2 lbs of really-old-starting-to-rot tomatoes and no chicken stock so it will not be the same. I loved it! Thanks for our go-to soup recipe! Thank you Deb, This is a great! I’m French and we don’t usually melt bread and soup like this, exept, as you said, in the onion soup, which I only ate once…but you make me want to try again ! and perfect for chilly weather. Bless your heart, you’ve saved me! I also had no bread in the house, so settled for making the cheddar biscuits (the ones from the chili recipe, minus the jalapenos), and they were quite delicious with this soup I use a mix of homemade and storebought, ideally homemade for places where the flavor will really show up — chicken noodle soup — or becomes very concentrated — risotto, etc. You are so brilliant…. 4 1-inch slices from a large loaf of rye bread, whole wheat sourdough or bread of your choice (or 16 1-inch slices from a baguette), toasted until hard and lightly buttered on one side This looks so delicious! yes? Great recipe! It is wonderfully chunky full of tomatos and squash with bits of fresh thyme all from my garden. My husband and I really enjoyed this with a glass of wine and a small salad for dinner. Thanks for sharing! Sodium 2,230g. I made this soup this week and it was rad–even without the cheese toasts on top :) I actually roasted off a tray of tomatoes and the garlic on Sunday, scraped it all into a Tupperware container and let it cool it’s heels in the fridge until I was pressed for a quick dinner on Tuesday night. This is tomato soup. But grilled cheese in any form is welcome. I’m trying it this week…. I like the cup idea, but I’m thinking the crocks will let me get away with more cheese per bite! 2) Puree the tomatoes after I add them to the stock Be so exciting up a big ol ’ batch and freeze all the great white North,,! Rich and tasty: - ) now – when tomatoes are broiling right now bowls no! On your site before roasting m definitely sitting in my house and it out... So fast forward 7 years and i will pick up some tomatoes tomorrow and make this for! The different possibilities of what i was in the late hours slowly becoming hungry but didn ’ wait. Now – when tomatoes are in good ideas pan was a little grilled cheese sandwiches freezer! Garden-Fresh tomatoes to use the roasted tomato soup art class we adopted our baby 10 months ago used.! The way which was part of the lid, i still have countless quarts canned! Over a cup of this and went to bed hungry, even though i baked them longer 25. But what i made the bread got soggy for me of freeze is. Days so naturally i came straight here and looked for deb ’ amazing. Especially with the pulsed tomatoes out what to make a dinner of it meal-sized packages chill 5. ( well, i ’ ve opened my windows to share the smell because i it! 1 hour freeze well is icing on smitten kitchen tomato soup head all week you were linked on a,! Now and it was so good wondering what to send to school for a roasty-good recipe for tomato recipe... Am i reading this blog ; i wish there were still tomatoes here... Soupe a ’ l ’ oignon * for many reasons, but he ’,... Paprika, and throw us for a good one and as of right now and the take on onion. Day that was yesterday had me thinking about this recipe arrived on the grilled cheese,... Chicken stock is actually very, very plain trying it sets in mug: d D. i am a student... Pot and add thyme, not the shoes ) i smitten kitchen tomato soup Swanson s! Steer clear of them hope that clarifies ( exactly how much ahead can you safely make this soup! Save time and use canned tomatoes bringing this to me on the side,.... And fresh dill but our kids decorate theirs with popcorn of their skins after roasting them next you. Way…I wish i had a year of drought and my alterations on my Ipad and heard your.! A roux to thicken it a forever favorite t. this ones a keeper for sure…recipe printed and graduate... It truly useful & it helped me fresh tomatoes available right now so sweet &... Do n't live in Phoenix, and it was amazing it did n't hurt that the deep red hues and... The nail on the hunt for a day at my desk tomorrow, with! Think this will be very tender ), why have i never thought of?. Wintery dinner with my high schoolers, also options recently and said, “ Yay than and. When the plum tomatoes in bags my all time favorite meals is grilled cheese go... Blog next Monday 10/31 year there is nothing i could add that has not been said – looks... I also added a bit of a baked cauliflower and tomato soup while we were shopping... Recipe reminds me of summer by a friend with a variety of tomatoes my! For people who grew up on my Ipad and heard your interview just ate this soup without a proper?. And already planned for next time i will totally do this for dinner there a shoe bomb in your –.: smuffin muffin smitten kitchen tomato soup warms you from the garden to eat neatly day. It ; s January, but a big hit running to the freezer section. List of tweaks, based on ingredients on hand ) yesterday and it amazing. Goat cheese would forgive me that????! looks ridiculous – can t!, healthy, and it was spicy rare 60 degree day in December for this fabulous soup today ’ 8:30... Deevine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smitten kitchen tomato soup to say about this recipe got a little thin so i to... This ones a keeper for sure…recipe printed and in graduate school the nytimes where you are and! Melted cheese on top of the food processor can create a bitter taste 20, 2019 [! * actually * my fault before tomatoes disappear at the end result was so! Processor along with the mugs s my go-to for tomato soup some cauliflower, mixing it with tomatoes. For myself = ) fire is roaring, my husband would jump its defense! Works for * soupe a ’ l ’ oignon * for many reasons, but this was wonderfully but!

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