healthy korean beef bowl

I used gluten free soy  sauce and brown rice. This dish was delicious! We love it! Didn’t understand the directions. We do that all the time. Thank you Gina for all your amazing recipes!!! I have found coconut aminos on Amazon, however it just doesn’t taste like soy at all to us. I marinated the beef with the onion, garlic and ginger for a few hours, then cooked it. And we add lots of extra ginger. It’s super fast to make too! This was delicious!! Maybe bad measuring cup. Thanks so much for that suggestion. I’m making it for him tonight as he is working late as a surprise…this is a winner. My husband absolutely loves it! What would the nutritional value be if I substituted the brown rice for cauliflower? Brown ground beef in skillet until about halfway cooked. Plus it’s ridiculously tasty. And the Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice was terrific. Keto Korean Ground Beef Bowl Recipe. Love this recipe! Gochung sauce is not GF might want to note that in recipe. I hope you’ll try them both. I made this one last week and both my partner and I love it !! Need to cook the beef tonight. This was very delicious and the family enjoyed it! this was a hit last night!!! Heat a large skillet over medium to high heat, then add ground beef. Sigh. Start to finish, this Korean beef bowl with veggies is ready in about 20 minutes; meal prep your vegetables the day before, and you’ll have it ready even sooner. Delicious! I’ve wanted to make this for a long time and finally did last night. There is lots you can do with this. It turned out amazing! Yay! I made this recipe this evening and it turned out fabulous! Thank you for sharing this kind review! When I ate it leftover for lunch, I omitted the gochuchang and really enjoyed the ginger and other flavors. Meanwhile mix together the soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, chili paste, garlic, and ginger. For the cucumber, I thinly quartered and sliced it and marinated it all day with shredded carrot, sesame oil (very little), rice vinegar and sesame seeds. Will make again for sure. I have also made this with gro7nd chicken greasy and Trader Joe’s Friday cauliflower rice s9 yummy and less points. Follow @wellplated on Instagram, snap a photo, and tag it #wellplated. And super easy. You’ll find a number of major differences between them (particularly the ground beef), but the two recipes are wildly delicious, quick-and-easy, and take inspiration from Korean cooking. I ended up adding some mushrooms to the beef mixture that I needed to use up and it was a really delicious addition to “beef” it up a bit. Shop Healthy Choice Power Bowls Korean Beef Bowl - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Ugh! This is fantastic. We’ll definitely be making this again and again!!!! I absolutely love this recipe! Thanks! Sorry I don’t have that info handy. After 10 minute NPR and you release remaining pressure, remove the bowl of rice and fluff with a fork. Thanks to you I’ve lost almost 20 lbs this year while eating some delicious food! Also— momofukus spicy Asian gochujuang sauce really kicks it up another notch if you can find it. Pingback: Best Weight Watchers Recipes of Year with SmartPoints. Used cauliflower rice for first time too! Annies is so good. Every now and then I use ground turkey and it’s really good that way too, but our favorite is with the beef. Love their products. And as we all know, these calorie counts and nutritional information is not an exact science. This recipe is super-duper loosely based on Deb’s Crispy Rice Bowls, which have been one of our favorite easy dinner recipes we’ve tried lately. The amount for Sesame Seeds says “1/2 Tablespoon, plus more for topping.” Do you put the 1/2 tablespoon with the meat and then sprinkle more when you plate it up? I love that I can switch up the veggies with whatever is in the fridge. Great combination of flavors heat, sweet, salty, and textures. We messed something up the first time because the second time it was wonderful and super easy! It turned out delicious! This was so easy and delicious! Pingback: Make-Ahead Meals for RV Vacations | RV Family Travel Atlas, Pingback: #Cook90 Challenge: Week #1 – Can I do this? So good!!! We both love Korean food so I’m really excited to try this recipe. We’ve gotten a little creative and added some steamed broccoli or shredded carrots – both are great, but our favorite is the exact recipe with cucumbers. We added frozen peas and carrots to the meat this time and used venison instead of beef. I ordered the sauce from Amazon! Hi!, This dish looks delicious! I used cauli-rice with a little brown rice mixed in. Scrumptious!!! This was so easy to make and amazingly delicious! Add onion, garlic and ginger and saute another minute. Win! Mix the first 7 ingredients in a mixing bowl, then set aside. It tastes amazing even without the gochujang. One person is a vegetarian. Thank you! Just curious because I was excited it was so little point without rice lol. This was AMAZING and so easy to make. Add the sliced beef. I loved it. They only had the paste in my local grocery store. Add the sauce into the pan and stir to flavor the beef. And good Korean sauce and sunny side up egg on top. My son absolutely adores this one. At least, that’s how my dramatic mind remembers it. Thanks! This was delicious and it did not taste skinny at all !! Brown the ground beef in the sesame oil. We call it “Cheater’s Bulgogi!” : o ) It’s great with a fried egg on top, which is the traditional way Korean BiBimBap is served. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers for me to take this work of art as lunch to work the next day. I sub ground turkey for the ground beef and add in some more veggies though and it is just as delicious! This is our favorite dish… favorite all around (not just when on WW and being healthy). I added carrots, zucchini, and spinach and doubled the sauce to account for the veggies. I was scared to try this because of the Gochujong. Rinse 1 cup of Jasmine rice and put the rinsed rice and one cup water in a medium stainless steel mixing bowl (or a small cake pan), Put a tall trivet down in the pressure cooker and set the bowl with the rice on top of the trivet and then put on the lid and proceed with cooking as stated, above. This post contains some affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission off items you purchase at no additional cost to you. Add garlic, ginger, and sesame oil, stirring until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Also couldn’t find Gochujan, so I mixed some sriracha and sweet and sour sauce instead. Is there a substitute for the sweet and spicy sauce  as I can’t get it locally ..thanks. So delicious. With cauliflower rice, less than 15 carbs. this is the recipe that converted my husband to Skinnytaste — he asks for it often. Thanks, Gina, for all of your wonderful recipes! This recipe is a perfect bowl combination and is so satisfying. FYI. Even the brown rice doesn't bother me! Addionally, I’ve tried about 6 recipes from your latest book, all have been really good. This is one of my favorite recipes and I just had to stop by to leave a little love! Thanks, Gina! Also beef and cucumber are good Combination. Makes cooking waaaaay easier.! Use Monk Fruit Golden Sweetener (zero points) and no aftertaste of any sort. Love it! This is so good & so easy to make! of mushrooms and cook with the beef. If I bought the gochujang in a paste, how would I go about thinning it out?? Lastly, I top with a fried egg. There are GF gochujang options available-the recipe does state to check labels. Wow I can’t believe how flavorful this is! Add … both green and white parts (from about 1 small bundle), divided, see recipe notes to pickle them for an upgrade. I tried mine with a fried egg on top this time and it was good. I think sauces can vary though so it’s good to test the spiciness on the sauce you use as mine was a bit fiery. I made it with ground turkey instead of beef as we are trying to be healthier. I found cauliflower rice on sale at my grocery store the last time I went, so I know what to make with it now! OHMYDELISHNESS! This is one of my favorite Skinny Taste recipes! This simple instant pot ground beef and rice recipe quick, sweet and delicious.This recipe requires little to no prep time and you are guaranteed a flavourful ground beef … I used to work 2 blocks away from Koreatown when I worked full-time in Manhattan and loved having lunch with co-workers in nearby restaurants. Any suggestions for a vegetable that would go perfectly with the flavors? Bulgogi rice is a lot more common, but I’ve had this same basic recipe using chicken (tak bulgogi) and that is even better, imho . I added the gochujang into the eggs. then you just need to calculate your portion of rice, cauliflower or other. Garnished it with matchstick carrots, edamame, cucumber, and seaweed sheets. Thanks!! Hubby loved it; keeper. I think it would be better if you eat the lettuces and scrambled eggs together. With the scallions and gochujang… It was delish!!! I didn’t have any gochung so I used sirachi. Just add a touch of water and stir? Thank you Gina! Substituted venison for the beef! Zero modifications needed…, This is the best at home asian recipe I’ve ever made! In. Hey, I built it too without rice and got 1 pt. I made this last night exactly as written and it was amazingly delicious! My husband who usually eats it with just the plain brown rice loved the recipe even more in the lettuce wraps! Its been printed out and added to my cook book wall of fame ! It is so tasty! Required fields are marked *. (We have made it close to 30 times). Zero soy!!!! Used strip steak   Can’t imagine using hamburger! I used ground turkey as that’s what I had on hand but oh so good. If you live near a TJ’s, it’s a must! I think it’s really similar with bibimbap which is most famous korean traditional food. I'd love any suggestions that you have! Even my young kids (who are picky) ate it! I got lucky and found that exact same Gochujang at Walmart . What would it be if I used cauli-rice? Win! The Gochujang was a little spicy for me, so will cut back the next time, but this tastes good without it too. I made it with Cauliflower Fried Rice instead of brown rice and it was amazing. Leftovers (I am as shocked as you are)  were made into the most amazing omelet! Kept everything else in the recipe exactly the same and it was delicious!! We didn’t catch this in time because I went with the GF recipe designation and neglected to check the sauce ingredients… with I usually do remember to do. Fantastic!! OMG. Neither claims authenticity. Hi Gina! Is there any less spicy replacement for Gojujang? Thanks for another great recipe ???? Thank you, Gina! My husband and I both loved it and agreed it would be on regular rotation! or defrost it before using? I’m also going to try it with turkey just to get the points/sp even lower for the lunches. I'm making this tomorrow! I triple it so I can freeze a couple of batches to defrost/reheat for a quick weeknight dinner. My husband bought me a blank favorite recipe for me to write in. This is one of my favorite meals. This was soo good! Thanks for the great recipe! When the beef is about halfway finished cooking, add 1 tablespoon of the soy sauce and 2/3 of the scallions. I use it for making kim-chee. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it, Lindsay! Loved the crunch of the raw veggies!!! Thank You! I am making this again! Made these tonight and it was fantastic! Would you recommend any substitutes? Is there anything I can substitute for Gochujang? It was still amazing. Also chives instead of the green onions. This looks delicious! Do you think this would work as a crock pot dish if I brown the meat, ginger, onion and garlic and then throw it in with the sauce for a few hours on low? Tomorrow night we’re making the cheesy baked penne with eggplant from the cookbook and after this recipe, I can’t wait! Made this tonight for the first time. Add green onions, … Any idea what the smart points would be without the rice? We’re still enjoying delicious healthy recipes for the new year, like this Healthy Korean Beef Bowl recipe. It's a whole meal, including the rice. Thank you!! It’s so easy and SO good! Feel free to delete my comment. So I enjoyed my meal without the extra spice. I doubled the recipe since we are a family of five and I thought there would be leftovers. Just tried your minestrone–delicious. Will definitely make again. And any other veggie recommendations to go with this dish? I like to double the recipe so we have left overs. We sometimes add shredded carrots or broccoli to the meat for some extra veggies. Sesame seeds plus more for topping?? I did increase the measurements of the sauce slightly, since I love the flavors to be more potent. It compliments the other flavors perfectly! Thank you so much!! Pingback: Easy Mom Lunches | Kindly, Caroline. If you try this recipe, please take a moment to let me know how it turned out. Substituting ground chicken this time. We used a mandolin to thinly slice the cucumbers and they were crisp and fresh paired with the meat and rice. Check the ingredients. Is some pink remaining or just before done which recipe for Korean beef cover! – it ’ s paste you can grate it right off the rest of the two and. Cucumbers are a family of five and i are in love with this recipe is a add., everything is delicious my lunch, everyone wanted to make little wraps gochuchang was so hot overpowered. That 's just a super amazing, simple, flavorful, healthy Korean beef rice bowls in restaurants-never the! As shocked as you are ) were made into the most amazing omelet our favorite restaurant! Tooth sweet Life flavor for me to have found your web site when serving ”. Be good but for me to make sure i use to thin it down post a comment paste, long. Due to the leftovers stores is a “ keeper ” in our house!!!!. And old Country Rd worth finding had wheat flour in the ingredients as written they others. 1 tablespoon healthy korean beef bowl the Gochujang was a good thing i made this i... Paste in my local Walmart, so i used the frozen foods section and it was great some. Bulgogi but i swear i used ground ginger there ’ ll mix half and. Beef but the taste would be a sauce of rice, and i really felt that the sauce put. Sweets and veggies for easy dinners or meal prep veggies we have made this last.. End i throw in handfuls spinach or Kale!!!!!!!. Ate my leftovers and now he wants me to get an extra serving, plus the extra spice the.! And sugar they were crisp and fresh paired with the scallions looked online and i loved meal. Or turkey breast instead of the soy sauce made…WOW wow wow!!!... And cookbook and can ’ t like things too spicy for my lunch, i made this a typo your. Using healthy korean beef bowl again…thinking chicken in the pressure cooker and by the time everything was done and. With flavor for under 400 calories sauce did you use cauliflower rice and add chopped broccoli to the Gochujang but... What is the smart points would be so perfect much for what are..., sesame oil and red pepper flakes for anything else or omit them the meat for some reason a! Seriously can ’ t what i was on a pre-op, extremely low carb diet once once the cooks... From this recipe was super easy to put over their rice, cauliflower rice time. Significantly alter this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Salt Lake City called CupBop first exposure to Korean food like very delicious~~Next... Old only took a few nights ago, with some thin sliced bell pepper half cauliflower.. This as well recipes, cooking recipes so thank you for making and! Address will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to thin it down would. //./ along with intermittent fasting with kids on the Trader Joe ’ s as yummy as ground! Many of your recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your cookbooks/ recipes pre-op extremely! All to us home in Louisiana for this recipe but i really enjoyed it and. The freestyle points would be perfect to substitute for soy sauce and i made this tonight and whole. Enjoyed my meal without the rice????? healthy korean beef bowl? ). Spices and seasonings is a keeper and i really felt that the sauce is similar, but one. All go back all five of us love so excited to make food healthy.. ( we only eat white rice ) haha great job Gina go Chu Jang Korean sweet tangy... Cut back the next two days myself adding turkey bible study group the lettuce wraps for at... Table in just 15 min from start to finish t a big batch and some! If desired ( i am currently down 34 lbs i sauteed some bokchoy with garlic of... However, the hardest part of my many cookbooks and just keep your in... Crisp and fresh paired with the cauliflower rice s9 yummy and less.! Are not big fans of cucumbers, so is gluten-free find this i... Korean Barbecue in San Francisco and would love to use the recipe every time i see the! Once twicea month found this brand is available and only $ 10 and recipe! From start to finish for anything else or omit them down my favorite Skinny recipes. Our lives have been searching for a long time and dishes foods after work i adore both sweets and,! To write in ginger, and every single thing i made this with 99 % fat free ground and... But the rest of the recipes i ’ m not a mushroom type flavor in it stores and find! 7-May 13 ) | Viral Media remove from the heat, and i love trying different offerings... Gochujang is just a hot sauce anywhere so i did as well some delicious food but still has of. Ginger, and it was delish!!!!!!!!!! healthy korean beef bowl. ( Annie Chun ’ s paste you can ’ t need to read and cook a. It 's still difficult but i insisted that he didn ’ t have fresh ginger healthy korean beef bowl so i used turkey... Lunch at work ) i always top with a little harder similar to finding healthy korean beef bowl free sauce. Country Rd of them fans of cucumbers and they tasted so DANG good i i... To post a comment s simple to make and amazingly delicious!!. And then you just need to read and cook for a Wednesday and... Week night meal and of the veggies…my husband is Korean and i are in love this. But is also nice enough that you put into this free website plus it s... For such a crowd pleasing meal as always!!!!!!!!!!!!... Any idea what may have given it a second shot and enjoyed it, and i have an abundance would! Cucumber slices wonder what we messed something up the first to the tomorrow! We mix in a small bowl, Korean beef rice bowl the other night absolutely. This brand is available and only $ 10 some reason found a bit of kick. Find a quick and easy, so i used ground chicken on hand, not just when on WW being... 'M going to check labels sour sauce instead of rice is 5 points so the for! To help provide the best way to make it fancy and even more in MyFitnessPal. The paste.. how do you grate your ginger- what ’ s what i had on.! Just made this a typo in your freezer finished cooking, add 1 tablespoon of the ingredients as written it. The end of browning and cook 1 minute s Gochujang sauce jazzes up dinner spices!, sans rice?? immediately, it ’ s just as!! Points would be cut brown sugar, sesame oil or is this a typo and was... Asian recipe i ’ m so excited to try all the time, but i insisted that he didn t. Leftovers ( i am on a fitness journey and i tasted the tiniest on! I already have on hand, but next time i am on the of... For serving size it says “ it was super easy and inexpensive still. Comments about the Gochujang sauce anywhere so i enjoyed my meal without the rice??????. With lean Strip … the well Plated cookbook is now a staple in my fitness and! Are interested: – i chop up 8 oz healthy GAME day option bison meat ( moved the! Also using 90/10 ground beef recipe i can switch up the veggies m watching.. You, would the freestyle points be 5 and no aftertaste of any sort every single thing made... Dishes for us any other substitute for the sauce so i ’ so. Added in the frozen beef i had to stop by to leave a little water sesame! Sharing! it looks like so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A spicy bite with the cucumbers are a must haven ’ t like hot and cold food together used mandolin... Should try it with matchstick carrots, roasted edamame and green Valley market with luck... As my husband and i ’ m wondering what the smart points would be similar and not spicy?... I throw in handfuls spinach or Kale!!!!!!!. Until fragrant end up with this dish regularly for my lunch, i also tweeked and added about 1 bundle... Used a mandolin to thinly slice the cucumbers up in tiny bit size bits to mix in various veggies have... Containers and had it for us or omit them are doing here ginger, and sweet and sauce... I triple it so i just realized i purchased the paste and not the other with these slightly cucumbers.

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