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Ensure personal hygiene at conclusion of session, use sanitiser, clean cleaning equipment, Wearing of disposable gloves counting / bagging cash. November 2 @ 9:00 am - December 11 @ 1:00 pm. PE-activity-risk-assessment-Table-Tennis. Signage displayed at Club entrance advising people not to enter if they have symptoms of Coronavirus. High (major injury / damage, lost time business interruption, disablement), 5. Low risk: Teaching of table tennis skills, training and competitions. If a player wishes to play in a following session, if space is available, he/she MUST still adhere to 10 minute break between sessions. Training given to volunteers on cleaning procedures. Club will keep a record of who attends each session by implementing a booking and registration process. Direct coaches to training resources based on skills with set drills, but no close contact. Serious athletes may require even more activity to fully get ready for the exertion ahead. Tennis risk assessment. Make sure you get a proper warm up before starting play. Opening and closing ceremonies. Given the personal spacing involved, table tennis is a low risk activity when guidelines are correctly followed. Table tennis. Coaches don’t feel like they’re equipped with drills and skills that minimise close contact. Participants are either unaware or don’t abide by the social distancing rules. Wipe down surfaces pre and post training, as well as in between hourly sessions, Place hand sanitiser / soap and water around the venue and in toilets, Changing rooms and showers are not to be used for showering or changing, this should be done at home. At present this is not compulsory. Newton Abbot  TTC was formed in Oct' 2013. November 2 @ 9:00 am - December 11 @ 1:00 pm. Table spray, paper towels and bin in every court . Educate coaches on requirements and any changes that are made to these. 2012 P2P Table Tennis Risk Assessment. (individuals, venue, facilities, equipment). Our H&S policy can be found in our governing documents on this website, Remember that H&S is largely about common sense and it does not need to create burdensome red tape. A Risk Assessment should always be carried out especially where the activity carries a greater risk factor than usual. Drives – forehand and backhand (with and without topspin as appropriate). Notes on the use of Risk Assessments. The controls in place will be amended as the Government continues to remove restrictions. Ask players to bring their own bats and balls. During Activity: Number of participants involved. YEAR 1 VIRTUAL CHALLENGE. document.write('tonyhalse@' + ''); Login to this site using your Table Tennis 365 (England) membership login details. Report a problem. During activity: Social distancing (2m rule). Comments (0) Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Share This. Ensure regular education of club members about the COVID protocols. even WITHOUT A TABLE!!! Sanitisation Station in entrance area . Activities usually carried out by the Table Tennis Club: Training & matches: Oxstalls Sports Studio/ Leisure@Cheltenham/ Park Campus room TC007. Moderate (lost time injury, illness, damage, lost business), 4. Encourage appropriate warm up and cool down as part of the session. eg. Our most recent COVID Risk Assessment, dated 22 December 2020, and conforming to Table Tennis England format, can be found HERE. View All Events. Until restrictions are lifted you may not transport others to the venue from anyone outside your bubble. Colebridge Risk Assessment Return to Play Download. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, National Championships Postponed & Team Championships Cancelled. Severity. Due to limited space and the difficulties in social distancing we are asking parents to please not enter the premises when dropping off or collecting their children. Hazard Description Persons exposed TABLE TENNIS Risk Assessment - BARCLAY. HEATON MERSEY TENNIS CLUB COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT Name of Venue / Coaching Business: Heaton Mersey Tennis Club Name of Risk Assessor: Jenny Spencer Date of Risk Assessment: 1.6.20 What are the hazards? by Ross Goodship | Oct 1, 2018. no handshaking / slapping hands. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Remember also that being prudent and keeping records ultimately protects the organiser just as much as the participants, Your email address will not be published. It provides more benefits against low-risk. March 4, 2018. ENGLISH TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION LTD. RISK ASSESSMENT FOR COUNTY ASSESSMENT DAYS PLAYGROUND TO PODIUM. 10 Committee to set up, dismantle equipment and make sure there are always two people lifting any weight above 25kg. Covid-19 return to play. Number. This guideline relates to student participation in table tennis as a curriculum activity, including skills development, training and competitions. Likelihood. Action Lead. They cannot be assessed in both table tennis singles and in table tennis doubles. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. The insurance cover for LTA registered venues remains in place as before and will provide protection for clubs provided they are operating within the government guidelines and managing social distancing.Howden recommend all venues should undertake a basic risk assessment of their premises to establish what measures may need to be taken. Volleyball. • All coaches and assistant coaches used must hold a current ETTA Coach Licence which ensures that they have been CRB checked, hold a valid coaching qualification, have insurance and have attended safeguarding … The only level for illness in the risk/priority indicator key is moderate. Coaching and support resources (controlled provisions). ... Table Tennis England is offering support to … About this resource. Uploaded by Lewis Higgins on 13 Oct 2016. ... Table tennis tables) be kept on entry level. HEALTH, SAFETY & HYGIENE Risk Assessment Form. Very High (fatality / business closure). We have pointed out that the risk of noncompliance with the group rules is low, that the risk for these groups is different, that of age and vulnerability and that the confused message is causing groups to close when their members need their socially distanced activities. Created: Jul 17, 2016. There are no cleaning facilities at the place of training. Provide mild soapy water and disposable towels for wiping down tables and chairs between sessions, Players to bring their own refreshments, towels etc which must be kept in a bag. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes between changing users of tables. Required fields are marked * Your Comment. Place hand sanitiser / soap and water around the venue and in toilets. Disposable gloves, to be worn by all handling equipment, and cleaning equipment supplied by the club. Ensure age and skill appropriate training. RISK ASSESSMENT FOR EDUCATION VISITS As required by the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Type of Activity / Visit: Table Tennis Department: Redcar & Eston School Sports Partnership Date: 5th Dec 2012 Assessment Carried out by: Louise Tarran Who is at Risk / describe group: Pupils entering competition plus staff Although we cannot advise formally on H&S you can download a simple Risk Assessment Form for use at your sessions below. Activity scope. The following are a list of safety tips that will help keep you injury free and out on the table. Ensure no more than this maximum number is involved in any activity. Training practice  (duration restriction). Learn how your comment data is processed. Table Tennis. Required fields are marked *. Physical education; For activities beyond the scope of this activity a separate risk assessment must be undertaken using the CARA generic template. Get this resource as part of a bundle 0. Risk Assessment - Newton Abbot Table Tennis Club Pandemics such as Covid-19 do not … Ask that participants bring their own hand sanitiser and regularly wash their hands. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ready to Return Stage 2: Limited Club Activity Resumption of Table Tennis Club Activity: Risk Assessment Template . Resumption of Table Tennis Club Activity: Risk Assessment. For the young and fit a classification of moderate would not be suitable, whereas an elderly person with health issues could be classified as a very high risk. Who might be harmed Controls Required Additional Controls Action by who? Risk Assessment. Adopt mitigation/minimisation strategies as above. Distribute information to members and Coaches – use emails to members, update your website, use team communications and display materials around venue. If an individual feels so inclined they may wish to wear a face mask. Students can be assessed in singles format or in doubles format. Risk Assessment. Table Tennis. Individuals should train with the same person throughout their first  session. Bundle. Educate participants via emails to members, keep website up to date and display posters around venue. Table tennis is not a contact sport, and does not by default require large group activity. Participants may wish to wear a face-mask, this is not compulsory at present but could reduce the individuals risk of infection. A participant notifies the Club that they or a family member has contracted coronavirus. Implement good hygiene practices at training. #TeamGlos Implement good hygiene practices at training including regular handwashing and wiping down tables and chairs after use. Determine maximum number of participants based on venue size to allow distancing. All volunteers equipped with disposable gloves and advised on best methods, Ensure hall is well ventilated with systems switched on and doorways fixed open where practicable, During Activity: Controlled sporting activities, Refer to the latest Table Tennis England ‘Ready to Return Guidance’, No refreshments will be available at the venue, Avoid unnecessary contact. Encourage players to build up to match play and higher intensity to reduce risk of ill health or injury. YEAR 2 VIRTUAL CHALLENGE. Warming up involves 5-15 minutes of light physical activity to elevate your heart rate and breathing rate, increase your blood flow and make your muscles warmer. Participants are separated from each other by a minimum 2.74 metre distance, being the length of a table tennis table. Coaches are competitive and ignore guidelines. Tennis. Safety Tips for Table Tennis . Assessment of risk. Participants are either unaware or aren’t practicing hygiene protocols. Club Committee member checks that no one is feeling unwell as participants arrive. Limit the use of communal spaces and keep them closed if possible. We became a Table Tennis England Premier Club and were awarded CLUBMARK status early in 2014. Warming up involves 5-15 minutes of light Archery Risk Assessment and Procedures to be issued. Updated: Jul 4, 2019. docx, 27 KB. TTW takes the health & safety of all extremely seriously. Facebook; Twitter; Residual Risk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Date Assessed: 1st July 2020 (revised 15.7.20), Task/ Activity: Returning to club TT sessions following Covid-19 Lockdown, Review Date: Fluid – as and when further info is released by government and TTE, Health of participants / players prior to activity. Multi ball training is only permitted where the feeder and the player stay a minimum of 2 metres apart at all times. In this regard, Table tennis is also a good exercise that provides you with a great number of exercise type. A participant notifies the Club that they or a family member has a suspected case of coronavirus. RISK ASSESSMENT Organisation: Kidlington Table Tennis Club Risk Assessment For: The Pavilion Exeter Close, Date of Risk Assessment: January 2018 Download this file (Microsoft Word document (.docx), size 36.17 KB) ... Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Pandemics such as Covid-19 do not really fit into a generic risk assessment. Slight (minor injury / damage / interruption), 3. Third Party Access Outer and inner doors left unsecured Pupils 4 3 12 All users to lock facility on completion. About 10 years ago an obsession started in financial circles and with funding agencies with regard to “Risk Assessment”. Categories & Ages. TABLE TENNIS Risk Assessment – BARCLAY. As above. When I would attend the final meeting with the Auditors for any organisation for which I was involved, they would always ask the same question “What are the risks that could… 27th July 2020 Site Admin. The risk assessment document has been updated and this document should be reviewed regularly, we ask that all clubs review and update their own risk assessments and make sure there is a method statement (action plan) that sits alongside. Our site uses cookies. Gloves, facemask, plastic apron, safety glasses and hand sanitizer. Table tennis risk assessment - David Ross Sports Village. RISK ASSESSMENT Table Tennis November 2016 Assessed by: Linda Farrall & Gemma McKay. Heron Health & Safety Policy General Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment for the Heron Tennis Centre, Last Updated: 30/09/2011 Next review date: 30/09/2012 Owned and operated by Heron Sports Management Company Limited Heron Tennis, Edgcumbe … Tennis requires a variety of physical attributes including speed, power, endurance, strength, balance and specific playing skills. This will be reviewed on a regular basis as more information is available. Too many people (including parents/spectators) attending means that social distancing can’t be implemented. Yes, believe it or not, it is quite practical to practice at home without having a table: by executing what is known as ‘dummy’ strokes. All users 2 3 6 Door to be kept locked secure. Providing a life-enhancing student experience at the University of Gloucestershire Students' Union. Additional Risk Controls. Club Play; Teams; Coaching Team; Risk Assessment; Table Tennis home; Table Tennis risk assessments. Tennis clubs should complete a full risk assessment at least once a year that oversees all aspects of the facility. No breathing on the ball to clean, or hand wiping on the table. • Any measures that venues put in place to enable activity to resume must be flexible and able to adapt quickly if tighter movement/physical distancing is reintroduced in the future or when restrictions are further relaxed. Our Partners. Both competitive and social players should carry out a conditioning and training program to cope with the demands of play and reduce the risk of injury. Rugby risk assessment - pitches. The longer the period of time together, the increase in risk of virus transfer. 2. PE-activity-risk-assessment-Table-Tennis. Coaches don’t feel like they’re equipped with skills that minimise close contact. Volleyball risk assessment - David Ross Sports Village main hall. I have scored all the Risk/priorities at 3 and feel there are no further controls necessary at this moment in time. Further measures and controls could be added following new guidelines issued by the Government / Table Tennis England. Harrogate Racquets Club. Risk assessment for domestically violent men: Tools for criminal justice, offender intervention, and victim services. Supplementary Note . Newsletters, emails, website, briefing on arrival. Upcoming Events. Table areas are ideally a minimum of 4.5 metres by 9 metres. Maintain protocols for returning to training following a positive case. A proper warm up is necessary before starting play. A Risk Assessment may have already been carried out at the venue you use, for example by the organisation that owns the various buildings. However it is essential that you stand in front of a mirror in order to get your posture correctly placed. Keep a record of vulnerable participants – delay return to training. Ensure first aid kit is equipped with protective equipment eg. Advise the affected member to follow Government guidelines. Educate players, coaches/volunteers and parents by emails and keeping website up to date. Adopt new Club Policies for COVID – require members to abide by Codes of Conduct.

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