As an independent Australian record producing company, Modular (People) needed a flexible identity that could work across all of their applications. The modular form of a quarter circle was derived from breaking a record into four pieces. This shape was then used to compose all of the other graphical elements within the identity system, including the logo, typeface and patterns. Other elements such as the corporate color of yellow and typefaces of DIN and Courier, spoke to values of the brand being hip, fresh, and fun.

The presence of a human quality, as well as the idea of puzzles and interactivity were also central to the brand. For example, each employee has photos of themselves interacting with letters from the logo that could be used to stick on letterheads as personalized signatures, the website shows hands coming in to rearrange the quarter-circle pieces to form different words for each section, and stickers on the letterhead of the quarter-circle shapes allow people to form their own words to stick anywhere. All of these elements result in a modular system that allowed the flexibility to generate multiple forms while still consistently representing the company. Special thanks to Wouter and Agata. : )

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