Visual identity for the Toronto-based photographer, Don Toye. Looking for something vintage, bold and masculine that could be be flexible and able to exist in many ratios, we arrived at two final solutions. The first uses the filmstrip to replace the classical ribbon element to bring together the meaning of “photography” and the beauty of vintage design. The second option, which the client chose, uses the idea of frames to form the visual structure of the brand. The concept stems from the idea of Don as a photographer, whose job is to frame moments in time. Here, the brand is essentially a frame, which is flexible and can extend across multiple applications. The primary logo resembles a polaroid frame, and when multiple elements exist (e.g. business card), then the idea of visual framing becomes more abstract, and boils down to just ‘boxes around things’. This also allows the logo to exist in many different variations to suit different purposes. As a watermark, the “frame” of the logo becomes a window to the entire image.