The aim of this project was to create a printed information piece on the topic of censorship that would be approachable to Chinese people. The Chinese are extremely sensitive to criticism and are likely to interpret any information that sheds a bad light on the Chinese as an attempt to demonize their country and their people. In my infographic, I attempt to avoid this issue by presenting a fair look at both sides of censorship. Examining the issue from Western and Chinese perspectives, I argue that while censorship exists, valid reasons for its existence are also present.

The design of the information piece has several references. The use of black on black for the cover and section headings is meant to refer to the idea of censorship by showing an attempt to “conceal” information. The format and grid structure of the piece with heavy line divisions at the beginning of each topic also references the idea of a newspaper and its columns of articles. The serious nature of the “newspaper” however, is offset by the layering of information, which adds a fresher, more experimental design aesthetic that will appeal to younger audiences, who make up the majority of internet users. The internet is also referenced through bitmap and monospaced typefaces and isometric pixel drawings.

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