Looking into the denotation of a museum lead me to the idea of an exhibition space as a frame. A typeface was created where the letterforms mimic the structure of exhibition rooms to visually represent the concept of a museum being an empty space to be filled. Design was visually represented through the idea of basic elements, such as primary colors and a grid, from which all visual elements are derived. All of the graphical elements create a pool of elements that can be used to consistently represent the organization across all types of media.

This was the beginning of an identity, with much left yet to be explored. Originally created for Illustrative e.V. for their pitch to the Berlin government for a new design museum in Berlin. Image of the crumpled portrait by Stephen J. Shanabrook. The image of the translucent plastic bag used in the mockup for the museum store bags was modified from an original mockup created for Gaze Resuraunt.