Candy gums have a long history, being a traditional western candy that has existed since the mid 1900s. Older generations have grown up with this kind of candy, and younger generations are attracted but their friendly round shape, and colorful appearance. Thus, the other challenge was to design a package that was both fun for children, and sophisticated enough for an older audience.

President’s choice is a brand that prides itself on the freshness and naturalness of its products. Although the candies themselves are not made from natural ingredients, elements from nature were drawn, and the design employed the natural element of the outer textures of fruits, such as their peel or their rind as the basis for the illustrations for the package. Running across the top of each box is the pattern of the fruit of each flavor of candy. Also, the illustrations of the fruit gums literally depict the gums as fruits, strengthening its association to natural fruit. A sticker seal also assures customers of the safety and freshness of the candies.

Taking inspiration from the long history of candy gums, and looking at vintage candy packaging, the technique of using bold, script-like type reversed from an outlined background was used to create a connection to the past that would appeal to the older segment of the target audience. The striped pattern running across the top and the bottom of the package also harkens to the colorful striped awnings of mom and pop candy shops.

To bring out the appeal of the product for the younger segment of the target audience elements of fun were incorporated into the design. Bright colors and an angled composition of text and illustrations created a visual dynamism that reflects the energetic gaiety associated with candy. The product’s plastic box also adds a new twist to conventional candy packaging (boxes, bags) that gives the product a unique form that will help it stand out on the shelf.