why was boaz kind to ruth?

He was kind to Ruth, a Moabite widow of his kinsman Mahlon, whose mother Naomi, was the sole survivor of an Ephrathite family. Boaz ultimately married Ruth and redeemed Naomi’s land. In all these ways Boaz is a type of Christ. But he loved her. That is how Boaz is being kind to the dead. Boaz valued Ruth when others didn’t. Boaz told Ruth that there was a nearer kinsman-redeemer than himself; however, if that man would not meet the responsibilities of a kinsman-redeemer to Ruth, he would do so. That explains why Boaz gathered with the elders of Bethlehem at the city gates, as we see in Ruth 4:1–12. Have some bread and dip it in the wine vinegar.” Have some bread and dip it in the wine vinegar.” We also find that Boaz went out of his way to make things as easy as possible for Ruth while she gleaned. He received a Gentile, Ruth, when she came to the fields to glean. 25:5-10). Question: "Why did the first kinsman redeemer refuse to marry Ruth?" Of course, this is a type of what Jesus would do both with the land (this earth) and the bride (the descendents of Adam). He ultimately became the kinsman redeemer of both Jew and Gentile, buying the lost inheritance of Naomi and Ruth (Ruth 4:4 and 4:8), thus gaining the right to make Ruth his bride. He gave up something to get her. Some commentators want to explain Naomi’s … Naomi now explains to Ruth, who must be wondering about her joyful outburst, that Boaz is a close Boaz’s first son by Ruth, Obed, was pledged as Mahlon’s, thus perpetuating the memory of the deceased upon his estate (Deut. Boaz noted that a young woman like Ruth might easily have sought a husband among much younger men, whether rich or poor. So Ruth and Boaz were married with Boaz fulfilling the role of the kinsman redeemer both in the matter of the land and in perpetuating the family line of Mahlon. He did not date Ruth to see if he was ready to get married. Boaz was in a position to marry any woman he wanted. In the New Testament a place called Gehenna is translated as hell 12 times. Why did Naomi insist on a family member marrying Ruth? Boaz redeemed Ruth. We have already seen that Boaz is a type of Christ. Boaz owned a field into which he sent his laborers. Legal affairs were conducted in the presence of the city elders at the gates of the city in ancient Israel, so this was the place to formalize the redemption of Elimelech’s line. For Boaz to step into the place of a kinsman here, then, would not only benefit Naomi and Ruth, but all the dead in the family of Elimelech going back to the conquest and apportioning of Israel. Ruth and Boaz’s marriage produced a son, Oved who was the father of Yishai, the father of David HaMelech, giving Ruth the title “Mother of Royalty”. It cost him financially. It is not hard to see why Boaz was moved by this young woman’s unselfishness. The price was worth it to him. He was looking for a wife, and he found what he was looking for in Ruth. Rather, she wanted to do good not only to Naomi but also to Naomi’s deceased husband, to carry on the dead man’s name in his homeland. 19, 20. Early the next morning Boaz sent Ruth away with a gift of a large quantity of barley. Ruth 2:14 At mealtime Boaz said to her, “Come over here. 8 Key Principles Men Can Learn From The Boaz and Ruth Story The Boaz and Ruth story in the Bible is a very fascinating and romantic love story.

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